Alien Tie-Dye Reverse Abduction Tee.
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Product description:

PLEASE ONLY BUY 1. As in Singular. As in Sharing is Caring. 

These Shirts are Hand Printed, Hand Dyed on 100% Cotton made in the good ol' USA. 

These are Limited Edition, and will not be produced again in the same way. Ever. Thats until the universe implodes or we are consumed by the sun.

Some Fun Facts: There are NO returns. Colors may vary, both of INK and DYE. 

Common symptoms may include:

  • Abduction
  • Bloating from Burrito consumption 
  • Swipe Post traumatic stress. 
  • A fantastic appetite
  • Ripping of Sidewalls
  • An intense "Senderson" Complex, in which you SEND IT off  everything. 
Aliens Purple Hoodie
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Product description:

The Aliens have arrived, But you already know that. They walk among us. They're in the super market, they're at your local bike shop. They had a very long journey from outside of the Kuiper belt, and so they could only bring in limited inventory for you.

Do you know what shipping costs from space?

These are hand dyed, hand printed in a zero G atmosphere. Got a little messy in the spaceship IRL. 

These will not be reprinted! 

Grim Reaper Short Sleeve
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Product description:

These are hand printed on 6.5 OZ heavy cotton shirts. 

We wanted to make a shirt that takes the classical poster style of the 60/70's rock aesthetic, and bring it to climate change. Many of these shirts are printed with illustrations, that when examined closer, are laden with messaging and motif's around sustainability. 

It's a rollercoaster but we highly recommend reading : The Uninhabitable Earth.

Hell Fire Club Hoodie.
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Product description:
Welcome to the land of the Hellfire Club. This is a classic American graphic, that we love in space. Because we don't have hell or combustion engines on our planet. The atmosphere is filled with too much nitrogen so if you were gonna like turn an engine on it wouldn't be good for anyone. So they are strictly banned.