The Journey Up the River, Hoodie
The Journey Up the River, Hoodie

The Journey Up the River, Hoodie

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This is a hand printed, 6.5 OZ hoodie made in the USA.

We dye the garments in a Coleman cooler in the backyard, print them with water based ink; it's a process. 

These will not be reprinted. They are limited edition. 

About the product:

The text on the bottom is a play at the Ram Das "Be Here Now" book, but Shredders alternatively suggests that you must, be there then in order to be here now.  

The "Journey Up The River" compounds the message above, suggesting the frailty of the western idea of pursuit as happiness; doing, going, seeing; the trek, the pilgrimage, the path to the goal, all suggest a sense of completion upon arrival. The journey up the river, is a reference to Coppola's Apocalypse Now- as it is the purpose in the path itself through the rungs of purgatory that give new light to the revelation at the end. The journey becomes a crossing of the threshold, where one can finally sit still and be in the new reality. Therefore, "Be there then", partnered with the journey up the river, suggests that you embrace the flow and sanctity of your path in order to ultimately become one that can feasibly be "Here now".